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Your service advisors

We welcome you to The Garage, make sure we understand what you need and how we can help you. We'll keep you informed as to progress on your vehicle and to make sure every job travels smoothly through our system. Talk to us about anything that concerns you about your vehicle and we are happy to help out with, for instance, independent opinions on vehicle replacement.

Jeffrey Tremblay

Jeffrey Tremblay

Partner and Service Manager

Qualifications: Service business leadership – 4th generation trained, Business Management (Kwantlin Polytechnic University), Certified Productivity and Efficiency Manager

Hobbies: I play recreational volleyball, soccer, football and golf. I also enjoy camping, hiking and any kind of water activities and sports.

Favourite music: Classic rock, John Mayer, Carlos Santana

My big dream: To have a family and take my kids pleasure boating on the coast of BC.

What excites me about working with vehicles and their owners:

The opportunity to educate people and help them really understand and manage what they own. For me, it is a privilege and a fulfilling way to be of service.

If you are looking for the truth about your vehicle and a partnership with an honest, professional service facility that can help you save real money and keep your car safe and reliable – you will find that @ The Garage.


Jonathan Woo

Service Advisor

Qualifications: Associate of Arts Degree (Douglas College), 3 years SFU communications programme

Hobbies: I love helping my wife out at her dog daycare, Mindful Mutts, and I enjoy playing hockey, boxing and playing guitar – and I love cars!

Favourite music: Modern and classic rock

 My big dream: Move to Croatia with my wife

What excites me about working with vehicles and their owners:

Learning about each individual’s story and the history of their car.

At The Garage, you will learn the truth about your car and you will make confident decisions, regarding your car, with what you learn.

Your technical team

We are the guys who fix, maintain and repair your vehicle. You're welcome to talk to us about technical issues you may be experiencing and when you get your digital inspection report that we produce, via email, you can talk directly with us about any concerns you may have and discuss options to find what best suits you. What ever your concerns, know that we are passionate about cars and we are committed to giving you the best driving experience possible.


Kevin Tremblay

Head Technician

Qualifications: Licensed technician, numerous diagnostic accreditations, licensed PVI inspector and facility operator

Hobbies: Playing chess, singing and playing trumpet with the VOC Orchestra

Favourite music: Electroswing, opera, acapella

 My big dream: To become a world-class opera singer. I also want to train the next generation of technicians for as many shops as possible, ensuring quality service is available for everyone on the road for many years to come. 

Find out more about me and my career at The Garage here!

What excites me about working with vehicles and their owners:

Seeing the look on a client’s face when they finally get exactly what they’re looking for from their vehicle and from their shop.

We are in the business of connecting people to their vehicles and having care care be easy and even enjoyable. To do that, we need to connect to you and have you let us in to this special part of your life. When you come to our shop, we welcome you into our family.


Julian Voth

Technical expert

Qualifications: Level 3 apprentice licensed technician, numerous diagnostic accreditations

Hobbies: Reading, video games, music, board games, computers, graphic design

Favourite music: Metal, hip-hop, bluegrass, indie rock

 My big dream: Travel the world

What excites me about working with vehicles and their owners:

I am inspired to make sure that customers’ vehicles are safe and comfortable, and that customers can have a great relationship with their vehicle.

We have the greatest team in the industry who take care of everything concerned with your vehicle and your driving experience.


Ronald Tremblay


Ron established The Garage in 1984 with his father, Fred Tremblay. All three of Ron’s sons work with him there.

He is Chair of the automotive Sector Advisory Group reporting to provincial government and the Industry Trade Authority. Here he helps to provide recommendations for improvements to its apprenticeship programme in support of the BC government’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint.

Ron represents BC on the National Occupational Analysis for the Red Seal Standards of automotive technicians. He volunteers with the Automotive Programme Advisory Committee for BCIT, is chairman of the Automotive Retailers Association, President of the National Automotive Traders Association and a board member of the Canadian Independent Automotive Association. As a Total Automotive Consulting and Training implementation coach he has trained over 1000 shop owners in effective management.

The Garage sponsors the One More Time charity, which feeds the less fortunate on Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, and supports fundraising events in support of local schools. Ron extends his mentoring skills as a participant of the Crash Youth Camp Society, which inspires leadership in youth.

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